Welcome To The Celestial Corral!!

Welcome to the land of misfit toys and debauchery, I am your host Chris “The General” Reeder!!

I made this website to serve as a hub of information for my loyal followers and loyal followers that have not yet identified themselves as such.

I run various gaming servers as well as a community on discord, The General’s Armada, for everyone to enjoy! Plus I stream on Twitch I suppose that’s an important tidbit to add.

I do all this not for fame or riches but for fun! Gaming is a way of life for me and getting to share that with people from across the world is magical. The General’s Armada isn’t just a community to me, its like a family.

With all that being said, please snoop around the website that I slaved over a hot keyboard creating for you all (I’m actually freezing my ass off right now) and enjoy!

As said above.. Welcome to The Celestial Corral!!

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