Recommended Streamers

Below are some streamers I personally recommend. I watch them all and have spent much time in their chats.

Ian is a wonderful friend who has helped me get my stream to the quality its currently at. Funny as hell and great banter to boot, Ian is definitely worth a watch!

Xocliw is an enigma to many. He works for Keen software house the creators of Space Engineers and he is the leader of Team Xebon. He’s witty and cool as a cucumber, his streams never fail to entertain. He’s also in the picture thats featured as my website banner.
Lauren aka L337Lauren just recently burst into the streaming scene . She’s an avid gamer, cosplayer, crafter, pet owner, Pokemon trainer, and just down right badass. Her streams are always chill and filled with great people. I implore you check her stream out whenever you can!
Mace is just a certified badass through and through. She’s an artist, crafter, weeb, and living human canvas as her tattoos are amazing! She predominately plays the spooky category of games the main one being Dead By Daylight but I found her when she was playing Alien: Isolation. If you fancy a profanity filled rant while getting axe murdered, then Mace is right up your alley!