About Me

So you’re wanting to learn a bit more about me eh? I’ll keep it short and sweet!

I’ve been streaming since August 5th 2015 with a 2 year hiatus from July 2020 to October of 2022.
I live in Texas
I’m married, and I have a beautiful daughter who I absolutely adore.
I am an IT Networking Engineer

Now about the stream!
I prefer to stream space games, survival games, and builders with Space Engineers being my main game of choice. I also play Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, Fallout 4, Satisfactory, and RimWorld to name a few others. There are tons more!
I like to keep my streams chill and relaxed, an inviting space if you will, for everyone to come and just have a good conversation and the occasional laugh. Mainly at my expense. I’m by far not a professional streamer in any sense of the term, life’s no fun if you take yourself that seriously
which I can assure you, I definitely don’t take myself seriously!

Thats pretty much it! Short and sweet!
Feel free to tune in to the stream by clicking the twitch channel link above, and remember…

Sit back, relax, and Welcome To The Celestial Corral!